FIFN is an innovative brand jointly founded by the Japanese design brand SNG team and Chinese designers. From Japanese design brands to Chinese manufacturing, the core coverage provides one-stop, full-category solutions for the new generation of families, and is committed to redefining Z. The new pregnancy and infant lifestyle of generations. Now in more than 20 countries, it has recruited industrial designers, graphic designers, and universities from all over the world, including the United States, Germany, and Japan, and let design define daily life.

As a brand founded by designers, FIFN, in the view of the founder of FIFN, what FIFN needs to do is to return to the original point, examine all unreasonable things in life, break the rules and traditions, explore user demands, and design products that truly solve actual pain points , That is, through the insight of users, break through the routine, design a "ten times better" solution, and then reversely promote the reform of the supply chain, link global technologies and materials, and realize the landing of products.

1.FIFN has done product design and development for Philips, Feike, Xiaomi, and other companies, and has product design, operation management, and innovative design teams in Japan, China, the United States, and Italy, and has cooperated with ALLESSI in Italy, Malaysia, and Golden Lion Group And other world-renowned enterprises have established strategic partnerships.
2. FIFN continues to make efforts in the direction of industrial design and appearance design, and extends social service functions such as product knowledge popularization and experience exchange, and establishes its own "FIFN laboratory", which conducts self-inspection and self-inspection from multiple dimensions such as quality, safety, and appearance. test products.
3. FIFN has signed strategic cooperation with many international raw material suppliers such as Dow in the United States, Signify in the Netherlands, and Sateri in Singapore, to achieve technology priority provision, material co-creation, and quality control extended to the raw material end. FIFN produces its products through its own factories.